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Natural Law of Healing Elimination


5. Natural Law of Healing Elimination

The body has the innate ability to detect, select and even reject or eliminate things it doesn’t want, doesn’t need or can’t use.  Said another way, the body will always attempt to reject or rid itself of all things that won’t build health.  This elimination process aims to help ensure that self-preservation and self-healing occur in the most proficient manner possible.  This law explains the reason why they body will have to sometimes enact a “healing crisis” during the rehabilitation process; and although necessary, this may be uncomfortable and intense at times. This law helps to explain the reason why the body will vehemently reject uncomfortable treatment interventions, as well as accustomed stimulants during times of healing.  The body knows instinctively it has no use for these things at such times.


Our bodies are unique to each one of us.  There is not a particular mix of food, drugs, nutrients or supplements that will work for every single person.  Our bodies will react positively to mixes that work for us, but will reject things that it has no use for.  This is the reason that we get sick when we take something that is not made for our bodies.  So trust in the reactions you get when you intake various substances.  If you feel stronger or more lively then it is good for you.  If you get sick or feel lethargic, then something bad is bound to happen down the road if you keep ignoring it.


Natural Law of Healing Nourishment


4) Natural Law of Healing Nourishment

To heal properly, the body must be nourished properly. Correct nourishment consists not only of wholesome food intake, but other nutrients as well.  The ability to utilize all of these nutrients once taken into the body is of equal importance.  Thus, proper nutrition = proper nourishment + the body’s ability to utilize this nourishment.  When working correctly the body has the ability to produce, store and recycle some of the nourishment needed to maintain or regain its health and vitality.  The amount and type of healing nourishment required will always be dependent upon the healing circumstances.


What you eat or put into your body has an important role in how your body will react when needed.  Those that have a balanced nutrition program are more likely to be more resilient to injury and illness and have a better probability of quicker recovery.  The nutrients that you get from food and supplements are designed to keep your body in an optimal state. So knowing that we are limited in certain areas can be a big clue to some of the issues that we go through.  The human body is a complex system that if run properly can achieve great things, but once something is off the damage caused can be limitless.  This law is best relayed by the phrase ” You are what you eat”

Natural Law of Healing Movement


3. Natural Law of Healing Movement

Just as the body needs rest to recuperate and repair itself properly, it needs healing movement also.  Throughout nature the alternating of rest and movement helps to regulate the order of life.  It’s in this rhythmic way that the structure and function of the body can be rehabilitated, and/or maintained in an optimal manner.  Life depends on movement.  At the cellular level movement is needed for proper nutrition, drainage, maintenance, growth and repair.  The fluids that surround these cells must also move for this to occur properly.  The tissues and organs which pump and steer these fluids must move as well, both voluntarily and involuntarily.  Internal healing movement of the body is dependent on external movement of the body as a whole.  Without such movement (exercise) the body will be prone to weakness and degeneration.  Movement should always be proportionate to the body’s needs at any given time.  Depending on the situation too much or too little movement can impair the body’s ability to heal and repair itself correctly.


Yes rest and recovery are important to our body.  Rest allows us to do more physically, to use our minds more efficiently and to fight illnesses more effectively.  But you will never and I stress never will find a healthy person that only rests.  Exercise is an important part to keeping your body fine tuned.  Proper exercise helps to promote muscle growth, decrease fat cells, improves cardiovascular efficiency, strengthens joints and ligaments, strengthens bones, allows for easier movement.  Without exercise your body will fall apart.  The amount of things that would need healing would far out-weigh the benefits you get from resting.  Plus if all you do is rest, are you really resting?  You must get up and get out, exercise will improve your overall quality of life.  Adding consistent exercise and proper rest will help develop your optimal engine and keep you ready for life’s battles.

Natural law of Healing Reserve


2. Natural Law of Healing Reserve

During times of rest the body will store up excesses of vital healing energy in a reserve.  This reserve power may be considered one of the best “therapeutic interventions” that could be utilized during times of special need (i.e. injury or illness).  Stimulants, remedial agents, artificial treatment modalities, and perverted acts against the body can waste this vital reserve power, as the body has to use energy to overcome them.  Reserve power is also utilized, and sometimes wasted, during times of intense activity and exercise.  This explains the need for more rest and less activity during the initial stages of healing.  The body will often feel really tired during this time as it seeks to restore its reserve power, especially if its reserve was low to begin with.  During this time of rest, the closing of many channels of elimination may need to occur as well.  This allows the body to conserve its vital healing power intelligently.  These same waste outlets may then need to be reopened during the healing process, which can give rise to various and sometimes intense healing symptoms, such as pain, mucous discharge, rashes, etc.


Your healing reserve is your immune system.  It is there for you to fight off many attacks.  Your immune system will go up and down depending on what you are doing or how healthy you are.  That is why you are more likely to contract a serious virus when you are under the influence of another illness.  The body only has so much reserve for you to fight back and once used up or weakened it leaves your body open for attacks.  The good thing about the immune system or reserve is that similar to your muscle system, it gets stronger the more you use it.  But also just like your muscle system it needs rest after use to get the optimal benefits of the work done.

On the eve of this flu season you can go and get your flu shot.  They will inject the actual flu virus into you and let your immune system fight it.  The hope of this procedure is that your build up enough reserve to fight off a natural attack of the flu in the future. It is a proven procedure with positive results that hold up as long as your immune system isn’t in constant use.  Build your healing reserve to the fullest and let you body take the natural steps to defeat unwanted illnesses.

The Natural Laws of Healing


This information comes from a past colleague of mine Dr. Sam Mielcarski.  I found a manual that he published back in 2008, he has since created more editions, and found this part of it very interesting.  It puts a good spin on healing and recovery.  I am not saying that everything is the golden rule, but I believe that you can get some very good insight about yourself by reading it.  Over the next twelve days I will cover his “Natural Laws of Healing” and give some of my own feedback. To find out more about Dr. Mielcarski and his Revolutionary Rehab Manual please visit


Human Body

Human Body

1. Natural Law of Self-Healing (Self-Preservation)

All of the other natural laws of healing are based on this law.  This is the “Golden Law”.  Above all else, the human body will always do everything and anything it can to stay alive.  Every part of the human organism is endowed with and instinct for self-preservation, including the single cell, groups of cells that make up tissues, layers of tissues that make up organs, and collections of tissues and organs that make up the human species.  So that optimal health may be maintained and/or regained, the body has the inherent ability to repair, replenish, renew and heal itself, or at the very least, tend towards healing.  When the body’s innate healing power is utilized in a way that renders it capable of overcoming any negative or dangerous threats to its survival, self-healing will occur.  However, although the body will always attempt to protect and preserve itself, even when death is inevitable, it may not always be successful, depending on the circumstances both inside and outside the body.


This is probably the most basic life lesson we learn, but because we don’t think about it as a law or principle, we often overlook it.  This is survival of the fittest in the simplest form.  It doesn’t matter the situation that we are in we will always try to find the way out, the way to safety, the way that will prolong life.  It is not in our general nature to just give in to whatever is going on.  In the most carnal worlds of you vs me, we will do whatever we can to make sure that “me” is still standing.

Bacteria attacking a cell

Bacteria attacking a cell

Another way of looking at this is the “Fight vs Flight” paradigm.  We will instantly rationalize in our brain what we believe will be the best course of action for us to take.  This is the same thing that our bodies do on a cellular level.  We will either fight any infection or disease, or we will break down to the point where we need medical assistance.  This happens every day of our lives, continually and most of the time without our voluntary thoughts.  This is the golden law of healing.

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