4) Natural Law of Healing Nourishment

To heal properly, the body must be nourished properly. Correct nourishment consists not only of wholesome food intake, but other nutrients as well.  The ability to utilize all of these nutrients once taken into the body is of equal importance.  Thus, proper nutrition = proper nourishment + the body’s ability to utilize this nourishment.  When working correctly the body has the ability to produce, store and recycle some of the nourishment needed to maintain or regain its health and vitality.  The amount and type of healing nourishment required will always be dependent upon the healing circumstances.


What you eat or put into your body has an important role in how your body will react when needed.  Those that have a balanced nutrition program are more likely to be more resilient to injury and illness and have a better probability of quicker recovery.  The nutrients that you get from food and supplements are designed to keep your body in an optimal state. So knowing that we are limited in certain areas can be a big clue to some of the issues that we go through.  The human body is a complex system that if run properly can achieve great things, but once something is off the damage caused can be limitless.  This law is best relayed by the phrase ” You are what you eat”