Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training


As an athlete your training has to be more than just sweating or getting tired.  Depending on the level that you are at, you need to learn and perfect various skills.  A systematic approach to training will always get you the best results.  The Inner Athlete Training System is based on three major principles to make you the best on the field/court.

Overall Athleticism

Even though I train athletes in various sports, I do not believe in sports specific training.  My training style is to develop you as an overall athlete.  If I can make you a better athlete you can be a better {Insert Sport} player.  The skills that you will learn can transcend over different sports even though it can have major emphasis in your sport.

Skills not Drills

The techniques you will learn is based on skills and not the drills.  Every drill that you learn will help you perfect a skill needed for better athleticism.  You will not focus only on the completion of the drill, but on how that drill applies to competition.  This will help your ability to properly execute the skill with or without doing the actual drill.

Mental Preparation

No matter how much you do or how hard you train, if you don’t believe that what you are doing is working you will not succeed. Being prepared mentally is the difference between being a great player and a good player.  In learning the skills you will also gain more confidence in your abilities both in training and in competition.  You will be able to have the edge over your opponents no matter what the situation is, leading to better performances.

“After I joined my brother Coray to train with Julian in the summer of 2011, my lacrosse season was a huge success. I was voted 1st Team All-State Georgia, 1st Team All-American, Georgia 5A Player of the Year, and MVP of defense.  I have gotten so many comments about my footwork and speed. I would personally like to thank Julian and the rest of the staff.” –  Cash Carlson, Junior, Defense at Lassiter High School Lacrosse.

Julian Amedee with athletes Samantha Craig, Kala Faulkner and Briana Sobel of 2012 Girls 5A Soccer State Champs, Milton H.S.














Sports Performance Programs


Basic Development


  • Geared for the younger athletes, ages 8 – 10 years. The ½ hour program is designed to get the most out of the kids in a precise time frame.  The focus of this program is fundamental movements such as running, jumping, crawling, and shuffling, that will help develop their athletic skill.


Sports Speed and Conditioning


  • Geared towards middle school to college age athletes. This program gets deeper into the skills needed to succeed in their sport.  An hour in length, this program combines components of speed, agility, power and speed endurance. The focus of each program is designed based on the needs to the athletes allowing for more personal development from start to finish.


Team Training


  • School teams, club teams and even groups of friends can benefit by working together to achieve their goals as a unit.  The team training is designed to work with larger groups and will have a bit less personalization to it.  Training for teams can take place at SFX or at the team facility depending on size and time constraints and desires of your coaching staff.


The 6 months that I have been training with Julian have been great. As a trainer Julian has an explanation to every drill he gives. He does a great job of spending time on each drill to ensure that you are doing it correctly. Julian also wants to make sure that you understand the drill that you are doing and how to apply it on the field, court, etc. I feel that I am more prepared to play in college and I plan to return to Sports Fitness Experience upon my return from college.” – Kala Faulkner, Senior, Defense at Milton High School Girls Soccer. (Auburn Tigers incoming freshman)

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