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Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your current exercise routine?


Do you want to see a change in your body, but don’t know where to start?


Are you fed up with an inconsistent “healthy” lifestyle?


Are you ready to put in the work to get real results?


Then this is the place for you!


What do people have to say?

Kim McDonald -1
Kim McDonald
Client of 9 years
The workouts are challenging and considerably increased my strength. My body is more fit and I have achieved results I never anticipated. I am in the best shape I have ever been in.  Thanks to Julian... I appreciate his dedication to proper form and always positive attitude.
Julia Stoll -1
Julia Stoll
Client of 10 years
Julian uses a training model that is supportive and educational. He spends his time teaching both how to train properly and how to identify and understand your potential.  With Julian’s support and guidance, I have gone from begin a person who would never have defined myself as strong or athletic, to seeing myself as a 40 year old mother of three who is in the best shape of her life. This journey has produced an amazing shift in my physical appearance and self-esteem, but also in the way I define myself as a capable and committed individual.
Lynn Krause
Client of 2 years
My fitness training program has exceeded my personal expectations in the months that I have been training there.  My overall health has improved and it has been very empowering to me to see the increased muscle strength and weight loss I have achieved.  I continue to work on my own personal goals and realize that this is now a part of who I am

Why go the online training route?


You Get:


Custom workouts designed around your goals, time equipment and fitness level.


Flexibility to workout wherever and whenever you want.  Your program is always with you so you have control.


All the knowledge of a certified personal trainer without the hassle of dealing with schedules.


The guidance and expertise you get from in-person training at a fraction of the cost.


Various levels of support and accountability that will be with you every step of the way.




Now, I know that online training sounds pretty good, right? Well, it is! But online coaching isn’t for everyone. Don’t sign up for online coaching if:

–          You’re not willing to work hard and put the effort in.

–          You’re happy paying your trainer to babysit you rather than coach you (Not my clients).

–          You only hire a trainer to count your repetitions (Again, not my clients)

–          You’re just not passionate about reaching your goals.

–          You’re looking for a quick fix to look and feel great.

–          You’re not ready to be serious, even if you had a proven step-by-step action plan at your fingertips.

But if you are ready and online coaching sounds like it’s for you, THEN STOP WASTING TIME AND GET IN THE GAME TODAY!




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