5. Natural Law of Healing Elimination

The body has the innate ability to detect, select and even reject or eliminate things it doesn’t want, doesn’t need or can’t use.  Said another way, the body will always attempt to reject or rid itself of all things that won’t build health.  This elimination process aims to help ensure that self-preservation and self-healing occur in the most proficient manner possible.  This law explains the reason why they body will have to sometimes enact a “healing crisis” during the rehabilitation process; and although necessary, this may be uncomfortable and intense at times. This law helps to explain the reason why the body will vehemently reject uncomfortable treatment interventions, as well as accustomed stimulants during times of healing.  The body knows instinctively it has no use for these things at such times.


Our bodies are unique to each one of us.  There is not a particular mix of food, drugs, nutrients or supplements that will work for every single person.  Our bodies will react positively to mixes that work for us, but will reject things that it has no use for.  This is the reason that we get sick when we take something that is not made for our bodies.  So trust in the reactions you get when you intake various substances.  If you feel stronger or more lively then it is good for you.  If you get sick or feel lethargic, then something bad is bound to happen down the road if you keep ignoring it.