3. Natural Law of Healing Movement

Just as the body needs rest to recuperate and repair itself properly, it needs healing movement also.  Throughout nature the alternating of rest and movement helps to regulate the order of life.  It’s in this rhythmic way that the structure and function of the body can be rehabilitated, and/or maintained in an optimal manner.  Life depends on movement.  At the cellular level movement is needed for proper nutrition, drainage, maintenance, growth and repair.  The fluids that surround these cells must also move for this to occur properly.  The tissues and organs which pump and steer these fluids must move as well, both voluntarily and involuntarily.  Internal healing movement of the body is dependent on external movement of the body as a whole.  Without such movement (exercise) the body will be prone to weakness and degeneration.  Movement should always be proportionate to the body’s needs at any given time.  Depending on the situation too much or too little movement can impair the body’s ability to heal and repair itself correctly.


Yes rest and recovery are important to our body.  Rest allows us to do more physically, to use our minds more efficiently and to fight illnesses more effectively.  But you will never and I stress never will find a healthy person that only rests.  Exercise is an important part to keeping your body fine tuned.  Proper exercise helps to promote muscle growth, decrease fat cells, improves cardiovascular efficiency, strengthens joints and ligaments, strengthens bones, allows for easier movement.  Without exercise your body will fall apart.  The amount of things that would need healing would far out-weigh the benefits you get from resting.  Plus if all you do is rest, are you really resting?  You must get up and get out, exercise will improve your overall quality of life.  Adding consistent exercise and proper rest will help develop your optimal engine and keep you ready for life’s battles.