2. Natural Law of Healing Reserve

During times of rest the body will store up excesses of vital healing energy in a reserve.  This reserve power may be considered one of the best “therapeutic interventions” that could be utilized during times of special need (i.e. injury or illness).  Stimulants, remedial agents, artificial treatment modalities, and perverted acts against the body can waste this vital reserve power, as the body has to use energy to overcome them.  Reserve power is also utilized, and sometimes wasted, during times of intense activity and exercise.  This explains the need for more rest and less activity during the initial stages of healing.  The body will often feel really tired during this time as it seeks to restore its reserve power, especially if its reserve was low to begin with.  During this time of rest, the closing of many channels of elimination may need to occur as well.  This allows the body to conserve its vital healing power intelligently.  These same waste outlets may then need to be reopened during the healing process, which can give rise to various and sometimes intense healing symptoms, such as pain, mucous discharge, rashes, etc.


Your healing reserve is your immune system.  It is there for you to fight off many attacks.  Your immune system will go up and down depending on what you are doing or how healthy you are.  That is why you are more likely to contract a serious virus when you are under the influence of another illness.  The body only has so much reserve for you to fight back and once used up or weakened it leaves your body open for attacks.  The good thing about the immune system or reserve is that similar to your muscle system, it gets stronger the more you use it.  But also just like your muscle system it needs rest after use to get the optimal benefits of the work done.

On the eve of this flu season you can go and get your flu shot.  They will inject the actual flu virus into you and let your immune system fight it.  The hope of this procedure is that your build up enough reserve to fight off a natural attack of the flu in the future. It is a proven procedure with positive results that hold up as long as your immune system isn’t in constant use.  Build your healing reserve to the fullest and let you body take the natural steps to defeat unwanted illnesses.